Enterprise Compliance

Integrated compliance management always has and always will be a significant challenge within any organisation to manage.

RUBiQ® helps Companies structure an effective compliance framework that is sustainable, aligned to best practice and can be easily managed.

Compliance obligations

Most companies currently manage compliance obligations in an unstructured, manual and disparate manner.

Risks are therefore far more prevalent contributing to Compliance Non-conformance, leading to potentially significant financial loss, (fine & penalties, loss of operating licenses, claims and legal disputes, etc.) and severe reputational damages.

Therefore the need to develop an integrated approach to the management of compliance throughout a companies business lines to streamline the information gathering process and support informed, timely decision making that is aligned to the attainment of business objectives and provides a world-class approach to compliance management, is a critical must in to days heavily regulated climate.

RUBiQ is fully aligned to ISO 19600 International Standard for Compliance, which supports users to establish and embed a highly effective framework for the management of all compliance obligations, both internal and external.

Through the integrated RUBiQ module, a company can ensure that there is a robust and complete process for the definition of all compliance obligations, the management of policy, procedure, standards and legal obligations, structured assessment of the associated risk related to the compliance obligations and ongoing monitoring and measurement to ensure continuous improvement of the compliance management system.

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