14001 Environmental Management

The standard can be implemented by any company, small, medium or large to drive a best practice approach within the organisation in the adoption of an Environmental management Solution

The system easily aligns with local standards and legislative requirements and thus can be adopted by any company in the world.


ISO 14001:2016

The ISO 14001:2015 Standard exists to help organisations (a) minimise how their operations (processes, etc.) negatively affect the environment (i.e., cause adverse changes to air, water, or land); (b) comply with applicable laws, regulations, and other environmentally oriented requirements; and (c) continually improve in the above.

What do we offer?

RUBiQ provides an integrated platform supporting the following functions:

  • The ability to define the Governance reporting and escalation paths / structures so as to ensure easy reporting of any environmental related issues & legal obligations within the company or involving, externally suppliers or contractors etc.
  • Quick easy reporting through a mobile app available to all employees or suppliers / contractors or customers on potential environmental exposures.
  • Easy workflow managed incident investigations process customised to your company processes.
  • Identify and manage environmental related risk areas within the business and implement effective policies and procedures controls.
  • Identify and link to risks and objective all environmental related obligations of the company, its employees and directors.
  • Conduct environmental assurance and compliance audits.
  • Control and monitor performance on all corrective action handlings.
  • Integrate environmental sustainability planning into your BCM and crisis management planning in one single platform.
  • Manage meetings and management review.
  • Monitor the environment and provide highly efficient management reporting through the BI and analytics capabilities.

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