Information Security

Information Security Management ISO 27001

According to the National Exposure Index released by Rapid7, South Africa is the 9th most hacked country in the world. In response to this we believe leaders in executive know that they have to focus on information security, especially in order to comply with the POPI act, but are deterred by complex procedures in management systems, compliance and procedures that need to be fulfilled. RubiQ knows this and we have created a unique approach to supporting businesses in getting this prestigiuos globally recognised ISO 27001 Certification.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 certification is part of the ISO 27000 family. The ISO family is designed to help organisations keep information safe by managing the security of the company’s assets and this includes personal and financial information entrusted to your business by clients, employees and any other third party entity. ISO 27001 specifically provides requirements for an Information Security Management System.

How Will Being Certified Help My Business?

Fill the Gaps of which you may not be aware – Some companies may not even know that there are gaps they need to fill in order to comply with regulations. Going through the certification process can be an eye-opening experience and help your company to comply fully with regulations.
Become an Industry Leader – You will stand out from the competition not only by complying with requirements but also by being certified.
Gain New Business – Customers and other third-party entities are more likely to entrust their sensitive information to a company that is certified to store said information securely.
Showcase Best Practice – You will show that you take regulation seriously by taking the step that is not even a required one.

How Can I Go About To Be ISO 27001 Certified?

In the past, you had to have your company certified in another country. However, you now have the option to have your company certified right here in South Africa. Find out how. (Contact Us form)

How Can RUBiQ Help My Company?

If you want your company to be ISO 27001 certified, then RUBiQ can support the implementation. Our application includes content and workflow that covers a number of the critical clauses. You will have the ability to automate critical compliance requirements simply by using the RUBiQ application.

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