RUBiQ is a Cloud Based SaaS (Software as a Service) GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) Solution, which takes the mystery, effort and frustrations out of your business management requirements.

Risk Universe Business Intelligence Quotient!

A “Risk Universe” pertains to issues that potentially impact the smooth conduct of operations anywhere within the entire organisation. Every job and every segment in an organisation, as well as the organisation as a whole, has its own Risk Universe. A “Business Intelligence Quotient” is the degree of comprehension of a business person, within an organisation, compared to the expected standard.

The RUBiQ system allows its users to establish the desired ideal standards for optimum operations while effectively mitigating risks, and monitoring the attainment and maintenance of these standards toward the achievement of the organisation's objectives.

RUBiQ is the next generation in business efficiency solutions! Designed for the purpose of easily managing, in one central system, any international standard, internal policy and procedure compliance, management of risk, and the entrenchment of good governance, drive achievement of goals and objectives.

Overall, RUBiQ allows you to understand where the weak spots are within your company and rapidly deal with them whilst highlighting the effective areas so that these may be strengthened.

RUBIQ International Best Practice Focus
RUBiQ Quality Management ISO 9001: 2015

RUBiQ Quality management capability is fully aligned to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard and supports a truly risk-based approach to Enterprise Quality Management. 

RUBiQ Business Continuity Management ISO 22301

RUBiQ has entrenched, in detail, the full requirements of ISO 22301, thereby offering an efficient and streamlined ready-made approach to effective implementation of Business Continuity Management.

RUBiQ Information Security Management ISO 27001

The RUBiQ Solution offers a highly effective platform for the implementation of all ISO 2001 and POPI requirements and includes a full library of ready content.

RUBiQ Labour Compliance Management

The Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995, as amended, stipulates that in order for every employer to act procedurally and substantively fair, the employer bears the onus to prove that they followed a fair procedure before dismissing an employee. 

RUBiQ Anti Bribery and Corruption ISO 37001:2016

A management standard to help organisations fight corruption by establishing a culture of integrity, transparency and compliance. RUBiQ supports compliance with key aspects of the standard, which may provide significant assistance in the implementation of effective measures to prevent and tackle corruption. 

RUBiQ OHS Management OHSAS 18001

RUBiQ supports a company in the full implementation and certification readiness to the OHSAS 18001. RUBiQ's development path will ensure alignment to the new ISO 45001 when finalised.

RUBiQ Environmental Management ISO 14001:2015

Integrated effective Environmental management seamlessly into your Risk, OHS and Quality Electronic Management System.

RUBiQ Primary Applications